Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mid-Century Aluminum Ware

I have this pretty Everlast aluminum tidbit tray up on etsy! Click my post title to see the listing. I don't collect aluminum ware. However, I have two pieces from my Mother that I'm keeping. She and my Father got them for engagement gifts in the late 1930's when it was all the rage!

Aluminum ware has gotten such short shrift. It's pretty, functional, relatively easy to keep clean and it helps keep hot food hot and cold food cold. At sales I often see pieces thrown around like old hubcaps. Okay some of them may look like hubcaps, but most don't! There are lovely pieces by Kent, Everlast, Alcoa, Buenilum, August, etc. It's likely your Mother or Grandmother had a piece or two! Smoochies!


saintNICHOLAStoo said...

Poor man's Silver.It is neat stuff.We have a few pieces.My wife won't let me sell them.Actually,I am glad we kept them.

We have a beautiful bed tray that is hand hammered aluminum.

Almost snagged a nice magazine rack once.I missed it by that much!I saw it,but wasn't fast enough getting to it.

I came across a fairly large folding table that was too expensive for our pocketbook.Also a cool garbage can.
These types of hand hammered aluminum items are not commonly found.

Trays,coasters,ashtrays,bowls,lazy susans,
etc.are the norm.

Haute Country Vintage Co. said...

Pretty! I have a tiered tidbit tray I haven't been able to make myself list, so am keeping it for now ;D You've been tagged. Rules of tagging:

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FilthyRottenAngel said...

Oh my god, when did we get married! I had no idea there was a MR! ha! Now I'm going to shop at your shop!
money spending...GO!

Anonymous said...

thank you for stopping by
your link is up!
kisses to mr.muggs