Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SMILE You're on Candid Camera !

Vintage cameras are so collectible and some are becoming increasingly hard to find. Ditch your digital camera for the summer and experience the fun of taking pictures the old fashioned way. If you're not up to the task then put it on a shelf or your coffee table; they're great conversation pieces! The Fujita battery operated, movie camera above can be found in my shop on etsy MrFilthyRotten

The Polaroid and Kodak cameras below can also be found on etsy in SuzisCornerBoutique


The Cottage Cheese said...

Love the Super 8! I'm hoping my Dad still has his so that I can film some fun footage at my island wedding. If not, I may have to buy yours!

vintagepetals said...

I just bought a Polaroid Colorpack from 1969. I wish I could find film for it! I would love to take some vintage style polaroids.