Monday, June 1, 2009

Where is Matt?

I found this video very uplifting. It really shows people are pretty much the same no matter where on earth we may be! I hope you enjoy it too! Please be sure to have your speakers on (nice music). When you're through click the title bar to read all about Matt. Smoochies!

Click here to see Matt!


Yesterdays Pleasures said...

Loved it. Wouldn't that be wonderful to be able to do the same all over the world. WOW.

Almost Precious said...

Well doesn't matter where the heck Matt is, he seems to be having a good time...and getting a lot of exercise I might add ! Go Matt !Anna

Mossy said...

Well Mr. Rotten, this fellow has a lot of energy. I'm 50 and feeling rather vintage myself. However, I am the perfect southern woman - I think this young man gives me the vapors. Oh Hell, everything these days give me the vapors ! (LOL)